Things To Do Online

The possibilities of fun and smart things that you can do on the internet are endless. There should be no reason you should be bored or cannot find anything to do. With the Internet at your fingertips, there is never a lack of fun things to do. There’s a whole lot of stuff available online, yet most of us still spend our time scrolling Facebook incessantly, present company included. To whack you out of that cycle, here are some pretty cool alternatives.  Come again as I will blog new things I come across!

Things To Do Online

  • Building Your Own Website
  • Take a Personality Test
  • Learn About Something You Wondered About
  • Take an Online Course
  • Google Yourself
  • Google Your Friends

Build a personal website

Have you ever considered having a personal website? A place where people can go to read about who you are, what you do, your goals and aspirations, and of course to contact you. Perhaps you don’t feel you need one and find yourself asking the question, “Why would anyone want to contact me?” or “How would it really benefit me?” Maybe, you realize it would be a good thing to have, but just feel it’s too much work or that you don’t have the skills to create one.

You might be thinking, “How is what I do interesting at all to people?” And you’re right; the things that the majority of us do don’t really seem that “interesting”. So why bother then? Well, for a couple reasons. First: it’s not about being interesting, having a personal website is much more than that second: how you view yourself is different from how others view you, having a personal website is your public persona.

You might be a private person and don’t like being known about. But this isn’t about putting out your phone number, family photos, etc. on your website – it’s about providing professional information to people who are looking to find the best candidate for the job. If you have no idea where to start, the Internet is a great help. There could be several reasons why you’re feeling like this, but probably the biggest one is that you don’t feel confident in your skills and expertise, and don’t know what your options are.

You might think owning a website is expensive; the only expense you might incur would be if you decided to have someone build a website for you. Another cost that you might have is themes. There are tons of free themes, but you can also get premium ones which can range from $50 or less to sometimes hundreds, depending on the theme. That said, sometimes the traditional WordPress theme is the best choice.

Take a personality test

The test consists of a series of questions, and your answer determine what type of personality you have and provides general assumptions about how your personality type is best suited for success in terms of careers, communication, etc.

Some personality types are better suited for some situations, and knowing where you fall on the scale can make it easier to understand where you’re most comfortable and why. If you’re an introverted-sensing personality type, for example, you may be more inclined to smaller, structured settings, while your extroverted-feeling colleagues may like big, loud gatherings

Have you always felt as if you were a natural born leader, or that your free-thinking nature could be a tremendous asset in a team setting? Your personality type comes with many different observations and interpretations that can make you more confident in what you know are your strengths. If the test shows that you tend to have a weakness in following structured directions, taking a leadership role or asking for help, you can gain an awareness of those elements and work to improve them over time.

Learn about something beneficial and interesting.

On countless occasions, you’ve likely said to yourself “I wish I knew how to do ______.” Then, of course, life got in the way and you put it off until you could find the time. Maybe you wanted to become fluent in a language, learn a new instrument, start performing your house repairs, or a master a myriad of other skills. With the vast amount of knowledge online, you’re now your only excuse. Knowing the basics of psych will bring context to your understanding of yourself, the dynamics of your family and friendships, what’s really going on with your coworkers, and the woes and wonders of society in general. The internet offer great opportunity to learn so many interesting things

There are many sites that you can you to do your learning.  I will mention YouTube because I talk to someone at least once a week who asks me a question and my response is, go to YouTube.  So even if you were aware, somebody else reading this is not.  So it must be said, YouTube is awesome for learning but there is also other sites.  Howstuffworks.com and lifehacker.com are also awesome.