Make Money Writing

How to Make Money Writing

There are many ways to make money writing online.  You need to choose based on what type of writing you enjoy doing.  Are you a literature geek or is your writing very informal and hip?  These things you need to consider.  You can provide writing services to businesses and entrepreneurs online

Some Websites That Offer Writing Gigs


Most of the writing jobs that you will find at websites like these are for people with great writing skills.  Research skills are helpful for many of the gigs as well.  However, some will be simple transcribing, document creation, editorial, reports and also doing posts for website and blog owners.  There is a wide variation of work available.

The others sites that I mentioned earlier have a wide range of writing gigs as well but they also include a lot of things other than writing.

This website is jobs for writers.

Others ways to make money writing

You can do more informal writing by creating your own blog or website and monetizing that.  The most common response I get from that is, “What do I create a website about? ”  Well here are my thoughts on what to create a website about!

Here are some other ideas for making money writing though

  • Create an eBook (children, fiction, nonfiction, etc)
  • Self Publish a physical book
  • Create a course online
  • Write Press Releases or do editorials (I did it personally I wouldn’t waste time at it unless you are building your credibility as a writer)

There are many other ways but I think what I named has most money potential and is most fun because of the creativity allowed.

I wrote some articles for article sites and they never made much money.

Depending the types of jobs you take, you might need to know SEO or search engine optimization.  Not difficult to learn.  If you have the skill of writing, learning it would only benefit you more if you do any writing online for others or for yourself.  You could take a course on Udemy or watch YouTube videos to get your feet wet.

How Much Do Writers Make

That varies greatly depending on which type of writing job you decide to pursue.  The best paying writing jobs are compensated for by the job not by the hour.  This is independent contractor work and you will basically be your own boss.  Set your own hours and work from home.  (of course.)

The salary for providing writing services online can be from $10 per post to $1000 assignments.  It really depends on your skill level and what type of services you are going to provide or what gigs you take on the websites for companies.

Just like you can make posts and comments on websites and blogs for money, you can also do it in social media for money.  People are making a living doing that as well and I believe there is more opportunity there (unless you are going to create your own website, eBook, etc) especially if you LOVE being on social media already.

But that to me is in another category that I talk about here…Social Media Management

Writing Projects That You Can Do



What To Make a Website About

What to Make a Website About

It is the most common response, I get when I say to someone who wants to make money online, “You should create a website.”  You make a website about content based mainly on one of 3 choices.  I will name those choices but there are another factors…….

    • What you are passionate about
    • What you are willing to research
    • What you have experience in

Back to there are other factors.  Like why are you making the website.  In this case, I will be talking about websites for the purpose of making money.  I will create another post for website which are for what I call your homepage online or personal website.  Totally different type of website.

How To Choose Your Subject Matter

So how do you pick out of 3 choices mention?  Well, all things being equal with passion, experience and willingness to research, if you are trying to maximize income, you determine several factors to compare

  • What size is the audience
  • Do you have unique perspective
  • Are there problems that you can solve
  • Is there lacking information in that area
  • Are there companies related to the topic that advertises?
  • How much competition for delivering the information that you want to delivers?

What type of site makes money?

Websites that are about subjects or topics which companies have products or services that are related to make money.  If that subject matter is popular then it makes more money.  That is a general response to a great question.  Think demand and supply.

These are important factors to consider.  For example, if you are an expert in I don’t know, putting peanut butter on crackers, that will not be a good topic for a blog.  If however, you are very good at restoring old cars, there is an audience but you better have some personality because it is likely saturated market.

But if you specialize in a semi popular type of car, you probably can get some traffic easily.  Or, if you have developed special uncommon skills or techniques for that old cars in particular then you have what is called a unique selling proposition.  That is a way you stand out from the rest.  So you could compete with a lot of others.

Hope that gives you a little insight.

If you are interested in a subject and you are not that knowledgeable, that is cool as long as you don’t mind researching.

Now how do you make money?  Well there are many ways.  That will be in a different blog post.  Your main concern at this point would be…

  • Decide on a topic
  • Then choose a host
  • Then choose a domain name.

Easiest way to make money on your website though is 3rd party ads. There are may types but here is an example of one.  Make Money Without Building a Website

If you want more information about building a website, please leave a comment.

Improve Your Memory With Games

Short Term Vs Working Memory

Short term memory and working memory is not the same thing.  Short term memory is what it sounds like.  Working memory is the use of that short term memory in processing information.  We will be covering mostly working memory but short term memory will also benefit from these games and exercises.

Using the Internet and Apps

There are many ways to improve your memory these days thanks in large part to the internet.  Best of all, it’s fun.  One game that claims to be effective at improving IQ by increasing memory capacity is Dual N-Back.  It’s a free app for your phone.  Available for Android and iPhone.

I was slow to figure out how to play this, but after working with it 15 minutes or so, I was able to get in the groove.  It’s easy to see how this would be mental exercise to help improve your memory after playing it.  But don’t get frustrated if it takes you a while to actually figure out what you are supposed to be doing.  That’s why they have the training phase.

Increasing your working memory capacity has been proven to add points to your IQ score.  The tasks in this game has been shown to increase working memory.

How it works to improve memory

The game will display a pattern visually and audibly.  You have to retain the pattern in memory long enough to recognize when a square is repeated from 2 displays back.  You also have to keep track of the letter that is called out audibly 2 announcements back.  You press a button to signal when you have detected the match.

This game is fun for people who want to make their memory sharper but there are many others which also claim to improve cognitive functioning.  Unfortunately, there are conflicting studies which seem to indicate that the results from earlier studies might have been flawed and the improvements in the subjects were limited to playing the game and were partially achieved due to the placebo effect.

Nurobics – Exercising Your Brain

There is a term called Nurobics.  That means to stimulate the brain by forcing it to do things that involved all of the senses in new and unexpected ways.  Studies have been shown that this is more effective than playing brain games.

Seems there is always a study that discounts another study, lol.  But it is cool that you can get off line and still do some things that are fun, easy and free which will help increase your ability to memorize and process information.

Other ways to improve your memory

  • Get more the recommended amount of sleep
  • Write things down
  • Matching cards game or that old school game of concentration
  • Learn and spend time mastering a skill – Might as well choose one that can help you in your work or to earn extra money  like productivity software or social media marketing.
  • Get exercise daily
  • Proper diet of food
  • Some video games – Super Mario 3d World was involved in a study that showed playing this game produced positive results while playing a different 2D game wasn’t.  So don’t grabbing your first choice or favorite game claiming it will make you smarter.

Only certain games will help your brain and if you do it to exclusion of other things that you should be doing with your time (it’s called balance) that makes you dumb!

And some other games that have been shown to help exercising the brain could also produce other unwanted effects on your brain like normalizing violence.


Ways To Make Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online that it can be overwhelming the average person.  What is the best method and where do you start?  That depends on what your background and past experiences are or what you are willing to learn.

Perhaps the best thing to do first though is to make you aware of some common options out there.  Because I am sure there are many that you don’t know about.  Then I will give some general suggestions based on my my own personal experiences.

Some common ways to make money online are…

These are some methods that I know are legit and have either used or know someone who used them.  The method that I have personally used for the last 6 years to make up to an extra $2,000 per month is building a website.  That I will talk more about on another page.   To kind of give you a map of how you can do the same thing.

Other methods that I have used in affiliate marketing and online store.  Both of those I will be doing more of.  In fact, I have some affiliate marketing links on this website.  I will cover that more on a separate page as well.  People are making a lot of money doing this and it is most cost effective way to start.

I don’t know if you are aware of how YouTube videos can create revenue for you.  The popular channels make a lot of money.  However, unless you just love creating and editing video and you have been told consistently that you are a character, I wouldn’t do that for money.  I would do it for traffic to other money making ventures.  I will talk about that more on other pages as well.

Administrative type work can be done from websites like,, and  These website are for people who have a skill or offer a service that can be delivered to another person without being there physically.  For instance, photo editing, writing, research, designing websites, writing software code, and more.

An online shop is great if you are a crafty person.  If you design your own products, you can sell them online in many ways.  This includes but is not limited to having your own website, using Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, and even your local craigslist.

Another way to make money online is to offer consultation service.  Using the internet, you can provide skype calls, Google Hangouts, or do group sessions in a more controlled environment using web conferencing tools such as GoToMeeting.

So, be sure to return as I will be giving more details about a lot of these different ways to make money online.  Meanwhile, one of the most popular training tools for learning is here

Internet Marketing Training


Health Secrets

Are there really health secrets?  Well.  I am using the term loosely.  But many don’t know how to naturally address medical problems.  Many of us have health issues whether it is being a little over weight to high blood or allergy problems.  Of course, going to the Dr. can be expensive and usually ends with a prescription.  The problem with all of this medicine is that it has side effects and can harm the body, especially when more than one type is taken.

I challenge you to do research about your health issues to see if there are natural ways to address them.  More than likely there is and it could save you tons of money and might also be more effective than the medicine.

Ironically, studies have shown that a great degree of the results from medicine and treatment, doesn’t come from the medicine or treatment themselves.  It actually is the result of the placebo effect.  That means, the results are from your own expectations and belief of the treatment working.

That tells me that if you learn what caused the problem, then what the natural solution is and why it will work that what you learn will help you to get cheaper and probably just as effective relief.  All I know is I did this to lower my cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and eliminate my acid reflux.

First thing my Dr. did was write 2 prescriptions.  I never took the medicine.  I spent a little time researching and went on a diet.  Fortunately, you don’t have to do as much research if your issues are either being overweight, blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

Reversing Diabetes Type II and Improving Type I

How to Lose Weight Naturally

Fat Burning Kitchen (Foods to eat and not to eat for burning fat)