I discovered something new about myself with a free personality test

Free Personality Test

I took the personality test twice…

This personality test only took about 15 minutes to do and the questions were typical of assessments and profiling but simple.  It was fun!  The reading the results and insight based on those results were very interesting and thought provoking.

The video is my second test actually.  All of the photos that you see was from my first test.  I decided to do it again on video for yous guys.

Looks like I am kind of balanced.  Except in the area of assertiveness.  It is a little higher than I expected.  That is the point and the fun part though.  If you honestly answer the questions then the test might reveal characteristics that you were not aware of.

However, if you ask your friends about it, they might confirm it or disagree.  What did mine say?  lol.  I will let you know later.  Stick around my blog.  I haven’t ask enough people yet.

What I like most about this personality test website

The good thing about this site though is that you don’t even have to register or anything and the test is free.  So check it out but subscribe to my blog first as I will be posting about of great websites that I come across!


What smart about the personality test? It actually helps you understand yourself and others better.   A personality test is just one of the ideas I give in the book though.  There are 100’s!

Search the Amazon kindle for the title.

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