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These are truly amazing times.  People can make money on social media which is something they are already doing for free because they love doing it.  The only difference is that you connect with businesses and service providers and spend some of your online time posting, commenting for them.

Social Media Jobs are becoming more and more common but its like the wild wild west which means there are lots of opportunities everywhere.  Some good and some bad. But there are only a few organized and structured platforms for people like you and businesses to connect.  But you can do what many are doing to get started.

Just walk up (or connect with them online) to them and give them suggestion on how to better their message and reach more people using social media.  Then offer your services to do it for them.  Or you can make a deal with them that you will first increase their traffic and only then will they pay for your continued management of their social media.

You may think that this is something you are not qualified to do because you haven’t had formal training. Two responses for that…..

Getting Started

  1. There is training available for Getting Paid Social Media Jobs
  2. If you have grown your social media organically, then you already really know how to do it.  You just need to think about how you grew your presence.  Apply the same principles to the message that the company needs to convey around their products or services.

But if you will only feel more comfortable getting formal instruction of how to go about it or learning more details about the idea of making money as a social media manager this company is rated one of the best.

Paid Social Media Jobs Training

Benefits of Being a Social Media Manager

  • Huge potential of clients (businesses) and growing
  • Choose who you want to work with
  • You don’t have to get dressed
  • Don’t have a schedule to adhere to (except the one you devise)
  • You don’t fight traffic every day
  • You don’t spend gas money every day

Here is the beauty of this type of work.  You are still in on the ground floor of an evolution.  A large number of businesses still don’t have a social media presence.  Many who do are not active.  Many who are active are not effective.  These factors means that there is so much room for growth.

The sooner you get started formally, the more of an expert you will be and by the time all businesses recognizes that it is mandatory for them you are in position to earn handsomely and effortlessly with convenience.

Social Media Management work is perfect for …
  • off duty truck driver or trucker wives at home
  • felons who want to work but can’t get hired
  • unemployed or underemployed especially if no jobs in your area
  • people who don’t have transportation
  • if your current schedule won’t allow normal work
  • college students
  • stay at home moms
  • people who don’t like bosses
  • people who don’t like face to face interaction
  • introverts

Many people would find this type of work suitable for them.  There is another level to this I though.  You help so many people accomplish their dreams by helping them get good messages, products and services out there.

What that also means is you easily help friends, family etc promote what they are doing and it doesn’t cost you.  Yet it helps them get ahead!

The reason it would help them so much is it because once you become a master while getting paid, you can donate a few hours what would take them days or weeks of studying and get them results that they would likely never achieve.

lol, but I am jumping ahead.  (Thinking of ways I could use this mastery actually, lol)

Anyway, if you love doing social media, I think think this is something you should look into.  I am doing affiliate marketing with an awesome company called Paid Social Media Jobs who makes it real easy for you to make money on social media.  You can check out their free webinar for more information about how it works here..

Free social media manager webinarIt’s pretty easy and standard for webinars.

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