Health Secrets

Are there really health secrets?  Well.  I am using the term loosely.  But many don’t know how to naturally address medical problems.  Many of us have health issues whether it is being a little over weight to high blood or allergy problems.  Of course, going to the Dr. can be expensive and usually ends with a prescription.  The problem with all of this medicine is that it has side effects and can harm the body, especially when more than one type is taken.

I challenge you to do research about your health issues to see if there are natural ways to address them.  More than likely there is and it could save you tons of money and might also be more effective than the medicine.

Ironically, studies have shown that a great degree of the results from medicine and treatment, doesn’t come from the medicine or treatment themselves.  It actually is the result of the placebo effect.  That means, the results are from your own expectations and belief of the treatment working.

That tells me that if you learn what caused the problem, then what the natural solution is and why it will work that what you learn will help you to get cheaper and probably just as effective relief.  All I know is I did this to lower my cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and eliminate my acid reflux.

First thing my Dr. did was write 2 prescriptions.  I never took the medicine.  I spent a little time researching and went on a diet.  Fortunately, you don’t have to do as much research if your issues are either being overweight, blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

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