Ways To Make Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online that it can be overwhelming the average person.  What is the best method and where do you start?  That depends on what your background and past experiences are or what you are willing to learn.

Perhaps the best thing to do first though is to make you aware of some common options out there.  Because I am sure there are many that you don’t know about.  Then I will give some general suggestions based on my my own personal experiences.

Some common ways to make money online are…

These are some methods that I know are legit and have either used or know someone who used them.  The method that I have personally used for the last 6 years to make up to an extra $2,000 per month is building a website.  That I will talk more about on another page.   To kind of give you a map of how you can do the same thing.

Other methods that I have used in affiliate marketing and online store.  Both of those I will be doing more of.  In fact, I have some affiliate marketing links on this website.  I will cover that more on a separate page as well.  People are making a lot of money doing this and it is most cost effective way to start.

I don’t know if you are aware of how YouTube videos can create revenue for you.  The popular channels make a lot of money.  However, unless you just love creating and editing video and you have been told consistently that you are a character, I wouldn’t do that for money.  I would do it for traffic to other money making ventures.  I will talk about that more on other pages as well.

Administrative type work can be done from websites like freelancer.com, odesk.com, elance.com and upwork.com.  These website are for people who have a skill or offer a service that can be delivered to another person without being there physically.  For instance, photo editing, writing, research, designing websites, writing software code, and more.

An online shop is great if you are a crafty person.  If you design your own products, you can sell them online in many ways.  This includes but is not limited to having your own website, using Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, and even your local craigslist.

Another way to make money online is to offer consultation service.  Using the internet, you can provide skype calls, Google Hangouts, or do group sessions in a more controlled environment using web conferencing tools such as GoToMeeting.

So, be sure to return as I will be giving more details about a lot of these different ways to make money online.  Meanwhile, one of the most popular training tools for learning is here

Internet Marketing Training