What To Make a Website About

What to Make a Website About

It is the most common response, I get when I say to someone who wants to make money online, “You should create a website.”  You make a website about content based mainly on one of 3 choices.  I will name those choices but there are another factors…….

    • What you are passionate about
    • What you are willing to research
    • What you have experience in

Back to there are other factors.  Like why are you making the website.  In this case, I will be talking about websites for the purpose of making money.  I will create another post for website which are for what I call your homepage online or personal website.  Totally different type of website.

How To Choose Your Subject Matter

So how do you pick out of 3 choices mention?  Well, all things being equal with passion, experience and willingness to research, if you are trying to maximize income, you determine several factors to compare

  • What size is the audience
  • Do you have unique perspective
  • Are there problems that you can solve
  • Is there lacking information in that area
  • Are there companies related to the topic that advertises?
  • How much competition for delivering the information that you want to delivers?

What type of site makes money?

Websites that are about subjects or topics which companies have products or services that are related to make money.  If that subject matter is popular then it makes more money.  That is a general response to a great question.  Think demand and supply.

These are important factors to consider.  For example, if you are an expert in I don’t know, putting peanut butter on crackers, that will not be a good topic for a blog.  If however, you are very good at restoring old cars, there is an audience but you better have some personality because it is likely saturated market.

But if you specialize in a semi popular type of car, you probably can get some traffic easily.  Or, if you have developed special uncommon skills or techniques for that old cars in particular then you have what is called a unique selling proposition.  That is a way you stand out from the rest.  So you could compete with a lot of others.

Hope that gives you a little insight.

If you are interested in a subject and you are not that knowledgeable, that is cool as long as you don’t mind researching.

Now how do you make money?  Well there are many ways.  That will be in a different blog post.  Your main concern at this point would be…

  • Decide on a topic
  • Then choose a host
  • Then choose a domain name.

Easiest way to make money on your website though is 3rd party ads. There are may types but here is an example of one.  Make Money Without Building a Website

If you want more information about building a website, please leave a comment.